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Jaguar F-Pace Is About To Get A 550 Horsepower Heart Transplant

(Credit: Jaguar)

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Jaguar F-Pace Is About To Get A 550 Horsepower Heart Transplant

The Jaguar F-Pace is an impressive SUV. Don’t believe me? Take one for a spin, because it’ll make you a believer. While the available supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 is a blast, Jaguar’s about to do one better by blessing the F-Pace with a 550-horsepower heart transplant.

People familiar with the F-Type probably already know where the new engine is coming from. It’s a fire-breathing supercharged V-8 from the company’s SVO division. Road & Track says Jaguar’s already testing out prototypes, with the possibility the new engine could join the F-Pace lineup later this year.

Car & Driver says it heard the same engine will be dropped in the Jaguar XE sedan. That would make it a legitimate BMW M3 killer. Reportedly, that decision hasn’t been finalized like the one for the F-Pace.

Apparently, the company’s plan to push for electrified models could pose a problem, because a big V-8 engine stuffed in a small sedan would seem hypocritical. I say do it, blow the doors off the M3, and work on an all-electric XE.

At least Jaguar will be giving us a supercharged V-8 for the F-Pace. You know, so you can be sure to get the kids to soccer practice on time.

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