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No Gasoline-Powered Supercar for BMW

(Credit: © BMW)

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No Gasoline-Powered Supercar for BMW

2015 BMW I8

2015 BMW I8 (Credit: © BMW)

BMW’s 100th anniversary is right around the corner, and there has been no lack of rumors swirling around regarding what the automaker will do in celebration of its birth. Many people have mentioned the possibility that Bimmer will create a mighty supercar to mark its 100th year on this planet, but a new report indicates that this is likely not the case.

In an Auto, Motor, und Sport interview with development chief, Klaus Fröhlich, chief told the magazine that the brand will not create “a super sports car, with traditional heavy V8 or V10 engine” Fortunately, Fröhlich cleared himself up by implying that BMW may actually be working on an electric performance coupe instead.

In reference to this possible electric-only coupe, Fröhlich mentioned that this rig will likely not be ready in time to celebrate the brand’s centennial. Instead, the brand is taking its time to assure that this new electric rig is not too heavy to deliver the performance expected of a BMW-branded car.

There is no timeframe for this possible performance-oriented electric car, but chances are that it would come after the planned expansion of the i sub-brand, which should see a new i5 and possibly an i6 by 2020.

While this isn’t the best news to lean, as a BMW supercar does sound appetizing. I can, however, appreciate BMW’s stance in not putting too many irons in the fire. At the very least, it is nice to learn that a performance-oriented electric car may make its way to market.

Stay tuned for more details.

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