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Honda Is Resurrecting The S2000

(Credit: Honda)

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Honda Is Resurrecting The S2000

2009 Honda S2000 CR

2009 Honda S2000 CR (Credit: Honda)

Honda is resurrecting the S2000, or at least rumors in the automotive industry say it’s so. We certainly hope this isn’t just talk, yet again.

This rumor has spread quickly through automotive sites and was first started by Autocar, which is based in the United Kingdom. The website claims that members of Honda’s advanced engineering department showed up at a club meeting for S2000 owners in the UK. Supposedly, the whole point of the outing was to solicit feedback for the second generation, incorporating at least some points into the roadster’s development.

So there you have it, that’s the evidence behind this rumor that a zombified Honda sports car will once again roam the streets. It could be the widespread disappointment with the new Mazda Miata, or maybe excitement about the upcoming Civic Type R, but something is causing people to get really, really excited at the possibility of the S2000 returning. This certainly isn’t the first time such a rumor has been spread, but how quickly and broadly this one has already gone (it was trending on Facebook and Twitter at one point) is pretty amazing.

Perhaps a strong indicator that Honda is looking to get back into the roadster business is the return to a focus on performance for the brand overall. While the Honda Civic Type R will be an exciting performance version, and the NSX will also turn some heads, a second-generation S2000 would only further cement the company’s image as not just being the maker of the CR-V and other boring-safe vehicles.

If I were in the mood to wager on a second-gen S2000, I’d say it’d still be rear-wheel drive with a front engine, positioned behind the front axle, just like the original. I’d also guess (in an educated way) that the engine would be more potent than the Miata’s, because how could Honda not top that? Turbocharging is highly likely. That would give the marketing department plenty of fodder for trashing the competition. It would also be a worthy rival to the Abarth version of the new Fiat 124.

So for now all we have are rumors and educated guesses.

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