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Mercedes Reportedly Working on an EV-Only Platform

(Credit: © Mercedes-Benz)

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Mercedes Reportedly Working on an EV-Only Platform

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupe

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupe (Credit: © Mercedes-Benz)

Electricity is almost 100 percent the replacement for gasoline in the near term. There are other alternatives that may eventually becomes better options, but for now it looks like EVs are our only option to pull away from our dependency on oil. According to a report from Autobild, Mercedes has noticed this trend and its working on developing an EV-only platform that will underpin a handful of vehicles.

The report claims no sources, but it is clearly based on a conversation with someone who has knowledge on the situation. The report claims that Mercedes brass will sign off on a €2 billion ($2.4 billion) project that will create an all new line of e-cars with the working title “Ecoluxe.” The report also claims that the Ecoluxe vehicles will come in two sizes and four body styles. The first model should supposedly be ready for consumption in late 2019 or early 2020.

The First vehicle will reportedly be a crossover coupe, similar to what we saw in the GLE Coupe, and will come in two seating arrangements: five-seat and seven-seat. There will also be a pair of power levels on this and other Ecoluxe models — S and GT — with the S delivering a reported 544 horsepower and the GT putting down 612 horses. This power will come from two motors — one in the front and one in the rear — with the most power coming from the rear-mounted motor. Oddly enough, even with these dual motors, Autobild claims that these EVs will be rear-wheel drive.

In terms of range, Autobild claims that these new models will have a battery system mounted in the floor pans that can deliver 450 km (280 miles) on a charge.

While Autobild is typically a reliable source for all things Deutsch, I do suggest taking the report as a whole with a grain of salt. I believe that Mercedes is indeed working on a range of EVs, but it seems a little premature to create an all-new platform and to already have specific power outputs in hand.

We’ll find out soon enough just how on target these reports are.

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