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Guy Thrashes Ferrari F40 In The Snow

(Credit: YouTube)

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Guy Thrashes Ferrari F40 In The Snow

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 (Credit: YouTube)

Of all the Ferraris ever made, the F40 is one of the most legendary. Most people fortunate enough to own one wax it with a diaper every weekend, and maybe they carefully do some hot laps now and then. Takeshi Kimura isn’t most people. He’s awesome.

Kimura has abused his F40 on camera before. He took the car camping, of all things, and the Internet blew up. This time the guy is thrashing his Ferrari in the snow, hooning on some ski slopes. He had chains, permission to wreck the powder and nerves of steel.

If this were everyday life, nobody would dread the winter or driving in the snow. Kimura is one lucky guy, even if some people think he’s crazy or stupid. After all, what good is an F40 if you don’t drive the thing?

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