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Ferrari 308 GTS EV Is Blasphemy At Its Finest

(Credit: Electric GT)

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Ferrari 308 GTS EV Is Blasphemy At Its Finest

Electric Ferrari 380 GTS

Electric Ferrari 380 GTS (Credit: Electric GT)

Electric GT, a San Diego-based EV shop, thought it would be a great idea to “recycle” a burned out Ferrari 308 GTS and turn it into a real EV. Essentially, a fuel leak was turned into an opportunity for committing holy Italian blasphemy.

There are three electric motors powering the Ferrari, which produce a combined 330 lb.-ft. of torque. Electric GT says horsepower tops out at 275, which apparently is the same as 415 “gas equivalent horsepower.” That sounds a little fishy, but we’ll leave it to the engineers to argue if such a thing even exists.

It’s a little surreal seeing a Ferrari shredding rubber while making no noise. With all of that torque ready from a standstill, the car must be a blast to drive. Oh, and it has a five-speed manual transmission, topping off the weirdly cool setup.

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