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New Top Gear Trailer Flashes Some Nice Rides

(Credit: YouTube)

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New Top Gear Trailer Flashes Some Nice Rides

Top Gear trailer 2

Top Gear trailer 2 (Credit: YouTube)

While Clarkson’s yet-to-be-named Amazon show is pretty much a mystery, we’re getting an even better glimpse of what to expect from the new season of Top Gear. It looks like they’re cramming it with all kinds of nice rides, so at the very least the show will be interesting for that.

Among the cars you can see in the trailer below is a Viper ACR, current-gen Mustang, Ferrari 250 GTO, Aston Martin Vulcan and a Corvette ZO6. Another shot of Matthew LeBlanc driving the Ariel Nomad is featured, and it looks like he’s racing it against a motorized hang glider in what could be an interesting competition.

Then there’s the odd part with LaBlanc and Chris Evans going through some mock marriage ceremony in rainy Blackpool. This is where the doubt about the new show creeps in, but hopefully it’s completely unfounded.

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