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That Blasphemous Ferrari SUV Might Come About After All

(Credit: © Ferrari )

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That Blasphemous Ferrari SUV Might Come About After All

Everyone makes SUVs these days, even Maserati and Bentley. Ferrari has been one of the last holdouts, but it appears that’s about to change. Once again, rumors of a Ferrari SUV are swirling around, horrifying purists around the globe.

Repeatedly, Ferrari has said it would never make an SUV. After all, they’re disgusting, impure, hellish vehicles only driven by those with no taste, right? The thing is, SUVs are cash cows. While an exotic sports car is fun and all, good luck stuffing your golf clubs in them to play a round.

Just earlier this year, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne said someone would “have to shoot me first” before the company made an SUV. Perhaps that’s been arranged – I don’t know. What I do know is this juicy rumor comes from Car magazine, a respected publication out of the UK. Supposedly, the SUV will launch in 2021 and share a platform with the next-gen GTC4Lusso. How brutish.

It might seem below some, but people want to use their car to do things, not just to drive around. Porsche used the Cayenne to show that a luxury brand could make an exciting, yet practical SUV, and grab a ton of cash in the process. You could argue the Cayenne has allowed Porsche to build all kinds of great vehicles, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

So, before everyone gets all in a huff about Ferrari doing an SUV, remember that. This utility vehicle could fund the development of more sexy cars from Maranello.

Steven has been writing about cars and other transportation issues worldwide for over ten years. His love for cars started long before he can remember, with Corvettes and 911s being his first car-crushes. Since then, he has owned many types of vehicles and has come to appreciate a wide variety of models, the diverse car culture groups, and the automotive industry in general.

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