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Hyundai Pulls the Azera From the U.S. Market for the 2018 Model Year

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Hyundai Pulls the Azera From the U.S. Market for the 2018 Model Year

Not that it comes as a huge surprise, but the quietness in which this happened is surprising. Hyundai has discontinued the U.S. availability of the brand’s last premium sedan, the Azera, starting in the 2018 model year.

Except its first few years on the market, the Azera has never been a good-selling sedan. And its sales have done nothing but steadily decline since 2013. What’s more, since 2016, the Azera’s sales have fallen a tremendous 30.5 percent to just 1,551 units to date.

It’s not just its lack of interest from buyers that drove the Azera to the scrap heap, but also the arrival of the Genesis brand. Hyundai clearly wants no competition for its new luxury brand, and the Azera may give a few hundred buyers a month something to think about.

What’s more, with the Sonata moving up the food chain in terms of luxury, the Azera has become dispensable.

Of course, there are zero plans to replace the Azera, nor will it move to the Genesis lineup.

The only other update of note for the 2018 Hyundai lineup include the lack of a 2018 Veloster, as the 2017 model year will just stretch a little longer than usual. There is no explanation for the lack of a 2018 Veloster, but my guess is Hyundai is preparing for something new for 2019.

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