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Shelby GT350 Owners Are Suing Ford

(Credit: Ford)

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Shelby GT350 Owners Are Suing Ford

Ford’s facing approximately $228 million in losses, thanks to a lawsuit Shelby GT350 owners filed in federal court. According to an Automotive News report, these are people who purchased the 2016 models.

The complaint is that these special ponies like to overheat and lose power during track runs. Considering the GT350 has been billed as an ultimate track car, that’s not good. These owners are claiming the overheating is from bad rear differentials and transmissions, which thanks to a design flaw can start overheating in 15 minutes.

It gets even better, because in the filing, owners claim Ford knows about the problem, because it fixed everything for the 2017 model year. Instead of just fessing up and fixing the 2016 cars, it wants owners to foot the bill. Adding insult to injury, these owners believe that fixing it themselves will void their warranty.

That $228 million total for the lawsuit takes into account there are about 4,000 2016 Ford Shelby GT350s out there. Since the cars retailed at $57,000 a piece, the suit is going for the full value. While that might seem excessive, this is a developing case and not all details have come forward, yet.

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