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Lincoln Supersizes The 2018 Navigator

(Credit: Lincoln )

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Lincoln Supersizes The 2018 Navigator

Lincoln is getting more innovative, all in a bid to push sales up. One thing the brand realizes is that for luxury SUV shoppers, bigger is better. That’s why the 2018 Navigator will have an extended-length version, which is 221.9 inches long, or about a foot longer than the regular Navigator.

All that extra length translates into about 15 additional cubic feet of storage, which is quite a bit. The extended-length model also has a storage compartment in the floor, plus bigger rear doors. Also, the wheelbase is 10 inches longer, so probably you don’t want to take it off-roading much.

No doubt, this supersized Lincoln Navigator will become a status symbol amongst mommies waiting in pickup line at grade schools across the United States. It will also make parking in certain lots far more entertaining.

Like the regular version, the extended-length Navigator uses a new 3.5-liter V-6 engine that puts out 70 additional horsepower, and about 40 more lb.-ft. of torque. It works with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Another new feature for the 2018 Navigator is a Black Label theme called Destination. It’s inspired by vintage luggage, with khaya wood appliques that have been laser etched, plus mahogany red Venetian leather upholstery. The Chalet and Yacht Club themes will also be available.

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