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Lincoln Launches A Dramatic New Navigator

(Credit: Lincoln )

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Lincoln Launches A Dramatic New Navigator

Remember the outrageous Navigator concept Lincoln showed off last year in New York? Everyone thought it was way too out there to come even close to the production model. And everyone was wrong.

As you can see, the revealed production model looks pretty much just like the concept. While the gullwing doors and crazy steps didn’t make it, those mesmerizing wheels did. If you look closely, there are a few other subtle changes. But Lincoln went big with the 2018 Navigator, and it surely will polarize people.

One of the best and most surprising elements of this new Navigator is the engine. Somehow, Lincoln took the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 we know from Ford and cranked out 450 horsepower. This is evidence that the SUV horsepower war really is on, and Lincoln is looking to take the fight to GM and others.

Of course, the interior is where the new Navigator really shines. You get lots of soft leather and rich wood, plus a design that doesn’t even hint at the Ford Expedition. Instead of a traditional gauge cluster, drivers use a 12-inch screen. Acoustic glass for the windshield and side windows should keep the cabin pretty quiet.

Lincoln really pushes the envelope with new technologies. Adaptive headlights expand and contract the light beam based on vehicle speed. Numerous powered USB ports and 12-volt outlets lets everyone recharge devices, something all modern vehicles should have.

We’re still waiting on pricing info and a launch date for the new Navigator, so stay tuned.

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