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Watch A Guy Pull Off An Invisible Tesla Driver Prank

(Credit: YouTube)

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Watch A Guy Pull Off An Invisible Tesla Driver Prank

Tesla Model S prank video

Tesla Model S prank video (Credit: YouTube)

You might have seen Magic of Rahat’s different YouTube pranks in the past. He’s even done the driverless car thing a few times. Instead of pulling off his latest trick in the dark, he opts to do it in full daylight.

And instead of picking a low-speed maneuver like pulling up to a drive-thru window, Rahat decided to go out in full daylight on a busy highway. The fact that he uses a Tesla Model S for this prank is key, because you can see that plenty of people completely buy it. It’s all thanks to those AutoPilot YouTube videos, making people believe a Tesla could just drive around without anyone inside.

Of course that’s ridiculous, for now. But it’s pretty entertaining to see people freaking out at seeing the Model S with apparently nobody behind the wheel.

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