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Apple Could Buy Honda

(Credit: Honda)

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Apple Could Buy Honda

2016 Honda Civic Coupe

2016 Honda Civic Coupe (Credit: Honda)

Apple is famous for being incredibly secretive about its future plans. With an Apple-branded electric car coming, there are all kinds of theories about how Apple will make it.

The tech company isn’t stupid. Making a phone is nothing like making a car, no matter how digitized it is. About a month ago, I touched on the rumors that Magna Steyr will make the upcoming Apple car. The thing with rumors is they change all the time. It’s possible Apple is floating out all kinds of possibilities to see how people react.

One of latest speculations is that Apple could just scoop up Honda and use it to build the upcoming iCar (or whatever it’ll be called). That might make you laugh, but know this: Honda has been named over and over as a possible acquisition target. People have wondered if GM might grab it, or maybe even a Chinese company (although that’s pretty far-fetched).

Honda’s relatively small, yet is known for being an innovator in auto tech. It has a stellar reputation for reliability (at least it’s recovering that reputation) and has production facilities on five different continents. It would give Apple a way to start churning out cars quickly, distributing them all over the world without having to build a new infrastructure from scratch.

Could this happen? Sure, Apple has the cash to do it. Will it happen? Possibly, and it would be a huge move that would give the Honda brand a tremendous boost.

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