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Toyota Creates Customizable Concept For Gen Z

(Credit: Toyota)

Concept Vehicles

Toyota Creates Customizable Concept For Gen Z

Toyota uBox Concept

Toyota uBox Concept (Credit: Toyota)

Toyota and other car companies make crazy concepts all the time. What makes the uBox different is that it’s aimed at kids who might not even know long division yet.

If you think it’s a little early to be designing cars for Generation Z (the ones after Millennials) you’re obviously wrong. After all, they’re growing up and will one day have wads of cash to spend on vehicles.

This utilitarian concept addresses the unique tastes of the coming generation. They like customization, so the uBox allows for printing unique interior trim pieces, moving around the seats, etc. And owners can power all kinds of things like a miter saw with the electric powertrain. It might be ugly, but the uBox is functional.

Who’s to say a production vehicle like this wouldn’t become the Honda Element of the future? Could geriatric Boomers be attracted to it in droves, instead of the kids?

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