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Driver Destroys Italian Exotics On Horrible Road

(Credit: YouTube )

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Driver Destroys Italian Exotics On Horrible Road

Ferrari F12 getting destroyed

Ferrari F12 getting destroyed (Credit: YouTube )

If you love Ferraris or Maseratis, you might not want to watch the video below. Chinese businessman Ni Haishan does, but he expresses his affection in a different sort of way. Instead of lovingly waxing his cars, he decided to destroy them.

Haishan used his F12 to lead a string of ten Ghiblis he reportedly gave to employees on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. The road’s pretty rugged, making even the freeways in Missouri look well-maintained.

As can be expected by any sane person, the Italian beauties were pummeled by the journey. Only five of the 11 vehicles from the caravan actually completed the journey, thanks to serious damage to the other six.

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