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The GM Recall Fiasco Continues With Forgotten Past Transgressions

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The GM Recall Fiasco Continues With Forgotten Past Transgressions

2007 Chevrolet HHR

2007 Chevrolet HHR

The saga of the GM faulty ignition switch fiasco just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. This time, one of the company’s engineers has told congressional investigators that he has no recollection of changing the ignition switch used in various vehicles back in 2006 without sounding the alarm for a recall or even changing the part number, according to Automotive News.

Ray DeGiorgio is the engineer with a memory akin to Ollie North’s. He is also one of two GM employees that have been put on suspension with pay for over a month and a half now. A source inside the congressional investigation leaked that DeGiorgio seemed upset and emotional about the entire ignition switch problem, especially considering it has led to the death of 13 people. The source also divulged that the engineer stated that he had no idea the faulty switch would leave a vehicle’s airbags inoperative. As everyone now knows, airbags failed to deploy in a reported 47 crashes.

Some members of Congress want to declare that DeGiorgio committed a crime of lying under oath since his signature was found on paperwork from the parts supplier that provided the switch with a longer spring, thus fixing the problem in secret. Even Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, has agreed that the evidence looks bad, but she’s waiting on an internal investigation to wrap up before making any definitive measures relating to DeGiorgio or any other employees.

The ignition switch recall and the automaker’s previous cover-up of the problem has cost GM dearly. So far, 2.6 million cars have been recalled. Nobody is sure which of those cars have the faulty switch and which do not, thanks to the switch reportedly made by DeGiorgio that he cannot recall, forcing GM to replace all of the potentially affected switches to be safe.

GM Recalled Ignition Switches

GM Recalled Ignition Switches (Credit: © General Motors)

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