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Tesla Rolls Out More Updates

(Credit: © Tesla)

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Tesla Rolls Out More Updates

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X (Credit: © Tesla)

Tesla’s going to push out another set of over-the-air updates, and some of them will be interesting. Depending on how you view it, one is the most disturbing or comforting. Per a report from Electreck, Tesla owners will no longer be able to set cruise control even 1 mph above the speed limit. This feature has already shown up on some vehicles.

This update is in advance of the new “Enhanced AutoPilot.”

It used to be you could set cruise control at up to 5 mph over the speed limit. Let’s face it: in some areas, going at least 5 over is necessary for your safety and general traffic flow. Will this make some people think twice about owning a Tesla? Is their freedom to speed worth more than owning a zero-emissions American vehicle?

Another update exclusively for the Model X isn’t such a downer. In fact, it’s downright festive, and was unveiled just in time for the holidays. The SUV plays Wizards in Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, while the rear doors open and close, and the exterior lights flash to the beat.

A second Easter egg lets you change the navigation screen on Teslas to make the landscape look like the surface of Mars. It’s the best way to pretend your morning commute is happening on the red planet, if that’s your sort of thing.

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