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Tesla Model S P85D Throws Down Massive Torque on the Dyno

(Credit: Tesla )

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Tesla Model S P85D Throws Down Massive Torque on the Dyno

2015 Tesla Model S

2015 Tesla Model S (Credit: Tesla )

The Tesla Model S P85D is surprising a number of people when it comes to performance ability. Apparently, some don’t think that a vehicle using only electric models can be quick and powerful, but the new model is helping change such perceptions.

Also helping break down the stereotypes of electric vehicles being for people who like to go slow is Horsepower Logic. They threw the P85D on the dyno and were completely shocked to see the car churn out 864 lb.-ft. of torque at the wheels, showing that Elon Musk is actually downplaying the potential of the new model. In actuality, Tesla hasn’t said anything about the torque output for the newest version of the Model S, only stating that the two electric motors put out a combined 691 horsepower. Of course, considering that the California automaker also says the vehicle can go 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds, it shouldn’t be too shocking that the torque output is so impressive.

The dyno test was part of the preparations for StreetCarDrags when a number of exotic cars will be taking to the drag strip at Palm Beach International Raceway. The crew had a hard time keeping the Tesla’s tires from spinning during the testing.

The results of the testing, and subsequent real-world launches, are impressive, but it should be noted that the torque output falls off dramatically pretty quick. Even still, the incredible low-end acceleration makes the Model S P85D a worthy contender in the quarter mile or really any race. Tesla has also promised future software updates that will unlock more power output at higher speeds. As has been evidenced lately with the old Tesla Roadster, the company does like to continue tinkering with cars well after they are in customers’ hands, making such a promise quite believable.

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