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Santa Off-Roads A Porsche 911 And Is Our Hero

(Credit: YouTube)

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Santa Off-Roads A Porsche 911 And Is Our Hero

Santa's Porsche Safari 911

Santa’s Porsche Safari 911 (Credit: YouTube)

We finally have video evidence Santa Claus is a Porschephile. The jolly guy in a red suit has some pretty refined taste.

In case you can’t tell from the video, Santa is abusing a Safari 911 by hooning it all over a dirt landscape. This is how 911s were intended to be used, not driven slowly to weekend shows and garaged the rest of the time.

Santa’s even generous about his hoonage, taking the reindeer along to experience it firsthand. And he has a tree strapped to the roof, aerodynamics be damned.

This machine is property of Leh Keen, a racecar driver. He’s obviously behind the wheel, in a Santa getup, having an absolute blast. Seeing a solid 911 C modified to leave the pavement is always a joy. The video is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season, so watch and enjoy.

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