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Porsche Reportedly Working on a Model S Fighter

(Credit: © Porsche)

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Porsche Reportedly Working on a Model S Fighter

Panamera Sport Turismo

Panamera Sport Turismo (Credit: © Porsche)

Tesla has enjoyed relatively uncontested sales of its Model S — except for various governments not permitting its manufacturer-to-customer sales — so it has had tons of success. It looks as if some automakers are starting to realize this untapped market is ripe for picking and are considering building their own electric-powered, four-door cars with some pep to their step. The first in line appears to be Porsche.

According to Autocar, Porsche is working on a midsize, liftback sedan based with design cues from the Panamera Sport Turismo concept to position under the current Panamera. According to the report, this sedan will have various drivetrains, and one of them will be an all-electric unit that will take aim at the Tesla Model S.

The details in Autocar’s report are still rather scant, but look for the Porsche EV to rival the Model S’ P85 trim, which produces 416 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. Porsche is also looking to undercut Tesla’s 4,647-pound curb weight with hot-formed steel and aluminum, and will use a battery pack that it will develop alongside Audi. The lowered weight and advanced battery pack should allow the Porsche EV to challenge the Model S P85 in performance and range, but the report says nothing of a rival for the new, more powerful P85D.

On top of the Model S-competing electric drivetrain, this new midsize will reportedly offer gasoline and diesel engines to match up with more conventional competitors from BMW, Audi and Mercedes. All versions of this new sedan will ride on Volkswagen’s new MSB platform, which also underpins the current Panamera.

Earlier reports pointed toward this new sedan arriving in 2017, but LeftLane News claims that it could be delayed until 2019.

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