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Porsche Accidentally Confirms Cayman GT4

(Credit: Porsche)

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Porsche Accidentally Confirms Cayman GT4

2014 Porsche Cayman GTS

2014 Porsche Cayman GTS (Credit: Porsche)

There have been quite a few rumors floating around that Porsche is working on a hardcore track-oriented version of the Cayman. Now, the debates about whether such rumors are true, as well as the name of such a model, have been put to rest. Thanks to the vigilant work of the members of enthusiast forum Planet-9 Porsche, it was revealed that the German automaker accidentally showed the Cayman GT4 on its Porsche Driving Experience website.

Naturally, Porsche took down the leaked information in a hurry. There was nothing more than a mention of the new model by name, but even that little nugget of information just confirms the suspicions many had.

For months now, spy shots have been taken of what appears to be a new Cayman model. It features things like a huge rear wing, aggressive front splitter, beefy brakes, and a ride height that is even lower than in the regular version of the car. While few solid details about the car are known, the spy images tell quite the story.

Overseeing the Cayman GT4 project is Andreas Preuniger. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, just know that he is the head engineer for the GT3. That’s great news, because Preuniger has created a GT3 that is arguably the best ever, packing completely nuts performance.

Brace yourself for a borderline crazy and scary version of the Cayman that will be able to rip apart any track, including of course the ‘Ring. It should have a naturally-aspirated engine that could come with a 9,000 RPM redline, just like the GT3. This will finally be the hardcore version of the Cayman enthusiasts have been asking for over and over.

Of course, there is a slim chance that the whole leak on the Porsche Driving Experience website was a ruse meant to mislead people. If so, that has to be one of the cruelest tricks Porsche could play on its fans.

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