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Porsche Is About To Blow Away Tesla’s Superchargers

(Credit: Porsche )

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Porsche Is About To Blow Away Tesla’s Superchargers

Porsche Mission E concept

Porsche Mission E concept (Credit: Porsche )

Tesla’s superchargers are great and all, but Porsche’s about to one-up them. The German automaker is pushing for technology that would benefit EVs from all kinds of brands, not just its own.

That’s a refreshing change, because only Teslas are compatible with Superchargers. It’s almost like Porsche’s trying to be inclusive or something.

In Porsche Engineering Magazine, a new plan for DC fast chargers is laid out. It involves upping the current 50-kilowatt flow to 150 kilowatts, exceeding the 145 kilowatts for Tesla’s Superchargers. Porsche said it also would like to double voltage from 400 volts to 800 volts.

If you don’t know what all that above means, focus on this: in about 15 minutes, you’d have 80 percent of your car’s battery recharged. Most people in that time can use the bathroom, grab some Jack Links and a Red Bull, plus stretch their legs. It’s a whole lot more convenient than 30 minutes, which is how long it takes right now.

To make such fast recharging possible, Porsche is looking to use liquid cooling for the cables. Tesla at least at one point considered a similar solution for its Superchargers.

We can expect to see new electric car chargers from Porsche soon. They’re supposed to launch at the same time as the Mission E. Supposedly they’ll be called Porsche Turbo Charging, because the name Supercharger isn’t confusing enough, and we love mixing forced induction terms with electricity.

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