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Mazda Toys With Idea of Mini Hot Hatch, the MazdaSpeed2

(Credit: © Mazda)

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Mazda Toys With Idea of Mini Hot Hatch, the MazdaSpeed2

2015 Mazda 2

2015 Mazda 2 (Credit: © Mazda)

Mazda might be looking to add more zoom to its product lineup by producing a Mazdaspeed2. The hot hatch would go head-to-head with the likes of the Fiat 500 Abarath and Ford Fiesta ST. Right now, subcompact cars are all the rage in many markets, even enjoying considerable success in the United States. Hot versions of the little city cars are few in number but have picked up considerable praise as a practical way to own a performance vehicle.

News that Mazda is considering building such a hot hatch came from an interview Australian car site did with the automaker’s head of global sales as the Mazda2 prepares to launch Down Under.

Right now, the Mazdaspeed2 project is only talk, but that doesn’t mean nothing will come of it. The company has produced hot concepts based on the Mazda2 in the past, and models like the Fiesta ST have been showing that such vehicles can be successful in the market.

It’s likely that Mazda would keep things lightweight if it were to produce a Mazdaspeed2. Like with the Mazdaspeed3, the automaker would probably strap a turbocharger onto the car’s engine, or use a similarly small turbocharged powerplant. The additional power would be complimented by upgraded brakes and suspension, as well as some changes to the subcompact’s aerodynamics.

Even if Mazda does make a hot version of the Mazda2, there’s no guarantee it will be sold in the United States. Traditionally, such vehicles have been popular in Europe and other global markets, so there’s no telling if Mazda believes Americans would even take to such a model.

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