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Mazda Might Make a Miata Coupe

(Credit: © Mazda)

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Mazda Might Make a Miata Coupe

Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary

Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary (Credit: © Mazda)

Ever since it was born, the Mazda MX-5 Miata has been a roadster, and a damn fine one at that. The Japanese have been able to produce a tribute to the old British models that were anything but reliable, and produce a car that is known for being bulletproof. Now it seems that a change might be coming down the pipe that would mean consumers could get the Miata as a roadster, or as a coupe.

This isn’t the first time such talk has been floated around. Mazda has been guilty of titillating enthusiasts by first showing off the M Coupe concept back in 1997, and ever since people have been calling for a coupe version of the little car.

The official reveal of the next-generation of the MX-5 is happening soon enough, but some journalists are hinting strongly at some small details about the new car that could indicate a coupe version is on its way. One of the people who is making claims is Ryan Beene of Automotive News, who has quite the body of knowledge about Mazda’s roadster.

Some rumors about the coupe version of the Miata take things a step further, claiming that the car will be a fastback and that it will launch in about a year.

Cooler minds have pointed out that the current generation of the roadster can be had with a power hard top that almost turns it into a coupe. Of course, we all know emotionally that it’s still a roadster with a folding hardtop.

As is the case with automotive industry rumors, this one could be a hint at a momentous change for an iconic car, or just a bunch of bull that is being floated around by excited fanboys. When the sheet comes off the new Miata and the details start rolling out, we’ll all see what the truth is.

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