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Marchionne Will Turn All The Ferraris Hybrid

(Credit: © Ferrari)

Fuel Efficiency

Marchionne Will Turn All The Ferraris Hybrid

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Convertible

2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Convertible (Credit: © Ferrari)

Ferrari has made a big deal about how it won’t jump on the EV wagon, but that doesn’t mean electrification is out. The Italian supercar brand apparently will be going full-tilt on hybrid tech, which worked out great for the LaFerrari. By 2019 all Ferraris will be hybrids. Every single last one.

Don’t believe this news? It came straight out of Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne’s mouth, and AutoCar was there to capture it during a conference call with investors.

The idea is that by slapping electric motors in the different Ferraris will do two things: boost performance and increase fuel economy. Having excellent torque off the line, plus the option of running the electric motor(s) and gasoline engine hard at the same time should make hybrid Ferraris popular.

Marchionne must think this move will make Ferraris really popular, or that everyone in a few years will be flush with cash. On the same call, he said the company’s annual production could punch past 10,000 cars by 2025. That might sound like a lot, but 2016 should close with about 8,000 Ferraris sold. Moving an additional 2,000 in about nine years actually doesn’t sound too hard.

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