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Jeep Is Pumping Up Wrangler Production

(Credit: Jeep)

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Jeep Is Pumping Up Wrangler Production

2016 Jeep Wrangler

2016 Jeep Wrangler (Credit: Jeep)

People all over the world love Jeeps, so the brand has announced it will be pumping up production of the Wrangler. Right now it’s not clear where all those extra off-roaders are heading, but it will probably be wherever the demand is greatest right now.

This bump in production means that the current Wrangler JK will continue to be built even after the next generation starts rolling off the assembly line. About 350,000 units will be made each year, which his 50 percent higher than the current total. All of them will be coming from plant in Toledo, Ohio.

Don’t expect the JK to hang around too much longer. There’s only going to be about a 6-month overlap, according to the report from Automotive News. That means the old and new gen will be made side-by-side through March of 2018.

With the way everyone’s been gobbling up Jeeps lately, there shouldn’t be any problem selling the extra JKs.

To make this change possible, Jeep will be moving the Cherokee from Toledo to its plant in Belvidere, Illinois.

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