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Ford Focus RS Drift Modes Right Into A Wall

(Credit: YouTube)

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Ford Focus RS Drift Modes Right Into A Wall

2016 Ford Focus RS crash

2016 Ford Focus RS crash (Credit: YouTube)

The Drift Mode for the 2016 Ford Focus RS has been controversial. Some say it fills inexperienced drivers with too much confidence, leading to big trouble. The video below seems to only support that argument.

Originally, a video was posted on YouTube by the New York ST Owners Club, but it was just made private. Fortunately, others have reposted the video. One of the club members put his Focus RS right into a rock wall while trying to show off on a public road.

The good thing about the video is it shows Ford makes the Focus RS tough. You might even say the hatchback is built Ford tough. It pretty much just bounces off the wall, and the airbags didn’t shook out deadly shrapnel.

In case you were wondering, the New York ST Owners Club says it immediately threw out the driver. If you want to use Drift Mode, go to a track, kids.

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