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Dodge Officially Kills The Dart

(Credit: Dodge )

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Dodge Officially Kills The Dart

2016 Dodge Dart

2016 Dodge Dart (Credit: Dodge )

I don’t think anyone will die of shock, but the Dodge Dart has officially been iced. Ever since the car hit the market in 2013, it’s not exactly been at the top of many people’s shopping lists. Compared to the alternatives, it was bland and a half-measure.

Automotive News confirmed with Dodge that the Dart isn’t going to return for the 2017 model year. It’s been a miracle the car’s made it this far, and it probably won’t be missed. This is the latest adjustment by Fiat Chrysler as it tries to cope with the reality that it’s been overstating sales figures and is actually struggling.

It looks like Dodge really will become a performance-oriented brand. The Dart doesn’t fit that profile, but neither does the Journey.

Alfa Romeo hasn’t been expanded as planned, thanks to several problems with product development. You could say FCA is having one of those years, only this has been going on for longer than 2016.

Back to the Dart, you can say it was a victim of low gas prices and an improving global economy. Let’s be honest, it just didn’t provide anything super compelling versus other compact sedans on the market. Had there been an SRT4 version with a wicked-powerful turbo engine and maybe all-wheel drive, that would’ve been a different story. Now, Jeeps will be made were the Dart used to roll off the assembly line.

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