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BMW i8 and M4 Race Each Other

(Credit: YouTube)

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BMW i8 and M4 Race Each Other

BMW i8 vs BMW M4

BMW i8 vs BMW M4 (Credit: YouTube)

It’s no secret that cars as we’ve known them are changing, like it or not. Some people worry that electrified cars just aren’t as fun or performance-oriented as their exclusive dino juice-burning counterparts.

That’s where this video from Top Gear comes in. Just like the Auto Bild race from 2015, Top Gear decided to pit the BMW i8 against the M4. Instead of seeing which one could get around a track faster, they went with a straightforward drag race.

The BMW M4 has a turbocharged six-cylinder gasoline engine, which sends power exclusively to the rear wheels. That’s quite a bit different from the i8, which comes with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine, plus electric motors that work together to power all four wheels.

If you think this isn’t much of a competition, you’re wrong. In the end, the finish is incredibly close, so watch the video to see which car won.

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