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Bentley To Sell Pre-Owned Vehicles

(Credit: Bentley )

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Bentley To Sell Pre-Owned Vehicles

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT (Credit: Bentley )

Many people naturally assume that buying a car from Bentley is well beyond their financial reach. While they might be right, starting soon that might not be reality. The exclusive British automaker is about to become more accessible to people who aren’t CEOs, rappers or athletes.

If you want to check out the selection of pre-owned models available through Bentley, it’s as simple as going to the company’s website. Shoppers can filter the selection based on a number of criteria, including color, body style and features. Pricing isn’t provided upfront, because that would be too uncivilized (or something like that). A quick search of the selection in the United States at the time this article was written showed that supposedly 728 options were available for $40,000 or less. The different vehicles are housed at dealerships spread across the country.

According to CarScoops, the company will be pushing pre-owned vehicles during the Goodwood Festival of Speed by setting up a separate stand to highlight the new service. It’s a smart move, considering that a whopping 80 percent of all Bentleys that have ever been produced are still being used. That’s an incredible number of used vehicles out there, with at least some of them needing homes.

There’s been a growing trend of luxury certified or manufacturer pre-owned vehicle sales, both inside and outside of the United States. One big advantage with buying a used luxury car from such a program is the higher likelihood that they’ve been better cared for – at least that’s the image automakers have been busy communicating.

Being able to pull up to the local country club, or just about anywhere, behind the wheel of a Mulsanne, Continental, etc. should be more than enough to impress people. Even better is if you paid only a fraction of what everyone thinks. It’s similar to finding a great Ralph Lauren shirt at TJ Maxx or buying the foreclosure property in a swanky neighborhood. After all, even people with millions of dollars still should be shopping for deals, because nobody’s wealth is endless.

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