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Apple Exec Fuels Automotive Speculations

(Credit: Apple)

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Apple Exec Fuels Automotive Speculations

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Apple logo (Credit: Apple)

Rumors have been flying around for some time that Apple is working on a car. While the move would be revolutionary, possibly completely disruptive to the industry, many have questioned if the rumors are just that. Now, new comments made by one of the company’s executives has fueled speculation once again.

Just this past Wednesday, Jeff Williams was speaking with shareholders during an open forum. The Apple senior vice president of operations hinted that the tech giant is leaning toward the automotive industry, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Williams called the automobile “the ultimate mobile device.” While that assertion certainly is a long way off stating that the company is absolutely working on a prototype vehicle and a production model after that, it’s enough to get people talking. When he was pressed for more details, Williams reportedly backpedaled, stating “we’re exploring a lot of different markets.” That could mean any number of things.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple does try to storm into the automotive market. After all, the company is incredibly powerful and flush with cash at the moment. It’s also pushing into multiple new technologically-based areas, including mobile payments and smartwatches. An Apple car would likely be popular with a portion of the public, while drawing the ire of many auto enthusiasts.

For quite a while now, sources have been leaking that Apple is working on developing a fully-electric car. Supposedly, the company’s pushing for a 2020 launch date. Some sources have suggested that different powers that be in Apple are questioning the wisdom of such a move.

Apple investors have been bugging the company to form a bigger relationship with Tesla Motors. There have been accusations between the two companies of poaching talent, which has led to some tension. Williams admitted in the meeting that Apple and Tesla “don’t really have a relationship.” He added that it would be great if the American electric car company would add Apple’s CarPlay to its vehicles, considering that every major brand in the automotive market has committed to integrating it into their infotainment systems.

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