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Apple Car Will Set You Back $75k

(Credit: Apple)

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Apple Car Will Set You Back $75k

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Apple logo (Credit: Apple)

An analyst who specializes in Apple thinks that we won’t see the Apple car (whatever it’ll be called) until 2021. That’s a disappointment to many who hoped the tech giant would jump into the market in two or three years.

In true Apple fashion, the electric car will set buyers back by about $75,000, according to the same analyst. With a price like that, it’ll go head-to-head against the Tesla Model S. That shouldn’t be a shock, because Apple’s over devices aren’t exactly cheap. Still, people will probably take a few weeks off their busy schedule to wait in line to be one of the first to own one.

Don’t expect the car to be 100 percent Apple. In fact, the analyst thinks about 80 percent of it will be the product of a third-party automaker. The design should be straight from the tech giant, so it’ll probably be unique and not horribly appealing to gear heads.

Probably part of the reason for the delay is the fact that the head engineer for the Apple car recently left the company. Some reports say he was forced out, while others claim he wanted to find greener pastures.

We should see a concept Apple car by about 2019 as a way to get everyone excited. Just don’t expect to order one until a couple of years later.

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