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Acura May be Planning an NSX Type R

(Credit: © Acura)

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Acura May be Planning an NSX Type R

2016 Acura NSX

2016 Acura NSX (Credit: © Acura)

Well, that got awesome really quickly. Shortly after unveiling the red-hot NSX in Detroit, Acura chief engineer, Ted Klaus, had a sit-down conversation with UK magazine Auto Express. Though Klaus stopped short of officially confirming the model – despite AE’s rather deceptive claim that is was confirmed – he did mention that he wants to see the Type R. He went on to say “I think everyone who loves cars wants to see a version that we say is pure red.” He followed that up with “The NSX has always been silver first, moving towards red later. Someone asked me, ‘when will you be satisfied?’ Probably never. What you do today, you can improve on tomorrow.”

Reading between the lines shows that Klause expects a Type R model, but not for at least a few years. The Honda/Acura team will likely let the NSX sell sans Type R for a few years to set baseline sales numbers and to gauge the market for a hotter R model. Once that is set and it makes business sense, we’ll likely see the NSX Type R.

So, what will the Type R actually be? Your guess is as good as mine, but looking back at the prior NSX Type R, I see that it was more addition by subtraction. Acura removed the air conditioning, and radio to drop weight, installed lightweight alloy wheels, and added in a titanium gear shifter. After the weight was in check, Acura installed a stiffer suspension. I think that is a good recipe for a Type R model in the current market, as the base NSX will deliver “at least” 550 horsepower, which puts it right about even with its main competitors. I see no reason to go meddling with the engine output at this point.

For now all we can do is speculate, but if the Type R is a reality, we should start seeing some prototypes testing soon. We’ll bring you all of the details as they roll out.

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