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The New Mercedes G-Wagen Won’t Be Sleek After All

(Credit: Mercedes )

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The New Mercedes G-Wagen Won’t Be Sleek After All

Mercedes G-Class (Credit: Mercedes )

There’s something undeniably cool about an off-roading brick. Sure, they’re a giant middle finger to aerodynamics and efficiency, but at the same time they provide lots of practical interior space. Thanks to a new report from Automotive News, we can all breathe easier, because the G-Wagen will continue on as a boxy SUV.

The G-Wagen has been pretty much unchanged since 1979. It was first created for military use, like the Jeep and Hummer H1, and so is automatically cool. Mercedes-Benz has been toying with pretty much scrapping the old design and going with something sleek and modern, angering fans. Now, it seems the company will be drawing inspiration from the styling of the old-school SUV, and that’s perfect. After all, too many cars look alike these days.

Even though the new G-Wagen will hearken to the old design, everything about it is completely new. Expect it to be more efficient, loaded with some of the latest technologies, and plenty capable on trails.

For now, we get to speculate. Mercedes-Benz isn’t saying when we’ll see a production model, but there are some spy photos floating around out there. If I were a betting man, I’d say the official debut will be in Frankfurt later this year.

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