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The Mitsubishi Eclipse Returns… as a Crossover

(Credit: © Mitsubishi)

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The Mitsubishi Eclipse Returns… as a Crossover

Just when you thought Mitsubishi would stop doing dumb things, they go and do something like this…

Today, the Japanese automaker has given us another quick peek at its Geneva Auto Show-bound crossover, and with that preview also comes its official name. Mitsu will call this new model the… Eclipse Cross.

When I read that, my palm hit my forehead so hard, I nearly passed out. Why in the world would Mitsubishi take an iconic name like Eclipse – one that still brings joy to Mitsubishi fans of yesteryear – and slap it on a crossover? I can tell you why: marketing!

Of course, the “Cross” part of the name is supposed to separate it just enough from the now-discontinued sports coupe. Like that’s supposed to make up for dragging this name from one of the dominant Japanese import cars of the 80s and 90s and attaching it to what’s likely to be another mediocre crossover. What’s next, the 3000GT Cross or the Starion Cross?

Anyways, enough of my whining about its name – at least the body appears to be slightly stylish. The front end boasts a more rounded grille, large fog lights, and sharp headlights with LED underscores. Flowing down the side is a rising character line that meet the outermost portion of the taillights. The rear end is a not totally visible, but the hatch is clearly raked in a coupe-like fashion.

Honestly, the body looks relatively sporty for a crossover, but I cannot see this people hauler having nearly the performance credentials to deserve the Eclipse name.

We’ll see the return of the Eclipse nameplate at the Geneva Auto Show, which kicks off on March 7, 2017. Keep it locked here for updates.

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