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New Engine and Safety Features Coming in the 2018 Jaguar XE, XF, and F-Pace

(Credit: Jaguar Land Rover)

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New Engine and Safety Features Coming in the 2018 Jaguar XE, XF, and F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace (Credit: Jaguar Land Rover)

Jaguar’s updating in bulk for 2018, and today, it announced all the changes coming to the XE, XF, and F-Type in the new model year.

The big announcement for all three models is a new engine. Jaguar has developed a new Ingenium 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 247 horsepower and grace the base version of all three vehicles. This will be the first time the F-Pace and the latest-generation XF have used a four-pot engine. As for the XE, this will boost its base output by 7 horsepower.

This new engine, which will carry with it the “25t” badge, will have an aluminum-intense construction, a 200-bar (2911 psi) direct fuel-injection system, and reduced warm-up times to help improve efficiency.

The engine isn’t all that’s changing, though. All three models will feature a pair of new safety feature. Forward traffic detection will use a forward-facing camera in the grille and corner radars to detect items crossing the car’s path and provide a visual warning when something is blocking the way. Forward vehicle guidance will work with the front parking sensors to help the driver navigate tight corridors at low speeds – like pulling into a parking space – by showing parking distances and wheel alignment on the central screen. Both features will come with the optional Surround Camera System.

On the XE and XF, Jaguar will add a new blind-spot assist system. This feature will use the collision warning system and electric power steering to nudge the vehicle back into its lane should the driver try to change lanes when a vehicle is in its blind spot.

Finally, there will be a new cashless payment system installed in all three models in late 2017. This system works in conjunction with the Shell app and allows the driver to simply pull up to the gas pump, select how much fuel they want, and pump without using a credit card or going into the station. This system makes the payment through PayPal, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.

The 2018 XE, XF, and F-Pace models will hit showrooms in May of 2017. The only pricing info available is on the XF, which will see its base MSRP fall to $47,775 ($475 decrease). The other two models’ pricing will come at a later date.

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