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This Is Why People Buy Land Cruisers

(Credit: YouTube)

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This Is Why People Buy Land Cruisers

Toyota Land Cruiser river crossing

Toyota Land Cruiser river crossing (Credit: YouTube)

It might be easy to forget why anyone would drop close to $100,000 for a Toyota SUV. After all, it’s “just” a Toyota, not a Lexus, so what makes the Land Cruiser so special?

Instead of seeing it pulling the usual duties of taking kids to soccer practice or sitting in mall parking lots, the video below shows the SUV fording a river. This is actually what the Land Cruiser was designed to do, despite how owners may treat them.

An 80 Series Land Cruiser outfitted with a snorkel and some other obvious extras takes on a deep river crossing in Australia. Instead of the driver panicking once the water reaches the bottom of the windshield, he confidently keeps his foot on the accelerator, possibly averting disaster.

Just when you think the Land Cruise is a goner, well you have to see for yourself.

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