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Tesla Owners Are Wildly Loyal

(Credit: Tesla)

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Tesla Owners Are Wildly Loyal

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S (Credit: Tesla)

Everybody knows that Tesla owners and even people who are fans of the California automaker are pretty dedicated, maybe even a little fanatical. After all, the Tesla Motors Club doesn’t just gather in mall parking lots to ogle each other’s cars, but actually goes in force to legislative hearings in various states as a way to support bills that would allow Tesla to use its direct sales model in more states.

As reported recently by Ecomento, Wall Street investment firm Jefferies conducted a survey with 145 Tesla vehicle owners. As part of the conclusion of the study, Jefferies concluded that loyalty runs strong when it comes to people who have purchased one of the all-electric vehicles. One quarter of those surveyed stated that they’re not even interested in looking at anything made by a company other than Tesla. On top of that, 85 percent of the group said they will definitely purchase another Tesla for their next vehicle. How many automakers enjoy that kind of dedication?

In the automotive industry, the average brand has about 70 percent of owners who say they would buy another vehicle from the same brand.

Even more impressive is the fact that 89 percent of the Tesla owners said they purchase another Tesla, even if the federal government dropped its $7,500 tax credit incentive. That’s good news since that very thing is slated to happen when 2016 comes to a close. There’s a chance that Congress will extend the credit for a few more years, but nothing’s guaranteed.

Tesla owners are also huge advocates for the brand. 83 percent of those who were part of the survey said that they would recommend that company to friends. That’s not surprising, considering the sky-high loyalty rates.

Some car enthusiasts are a little baffled by the affection that Tesla owners show for their cars. After all, they often don’t seem to be the type of people who would usually show up at a car meetup. Instead, they look more like the kind of individuals one would find attending a tech industry conference.

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