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Tesla Brings Back the Model S 60 to Woo Impatient Model 3 Buyers

(Credit: Tesla Motors)

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Tesla Brings Back the Model S 60 to Woo Impatient Model 3 Buyers

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 (Credit: Tesla Motors)

By now, you’ve all likely learned that Tesla has brought back the 60 kWh version of the Model S, which resulted in a lower starting price of $66,000 for the EV. So, why would Tesla bring back a model that it axed back in 2013? A new report from Teslarati, it seems as if Tesla is directly marketing this new, base version of the Model S to those on the Model 3 waiting list.

The Tesla blog got a hold of an email one of the members of the Tesla Motor Club forum received from the automaker that pitched the new 60 kWh version of the sedan to him. The email mentions the “ explore the options of getting into a Tesla even sooner” rather than waiting two years (or longer) for the Model 3. The email flaunts the 60 kWh Model S’ $667-per-month payment before tax credits and fuel offsets, almost undermining the upcoming Model 3.

So, is there any benefit in picking up the Model S 60 instead of waiting on the Model 3? Not much, according to Teslarati, who puts the range-topping Model 3 at around $50,000 without any credits—it remains uncertain if the federal tax credits will remain in place when the Model 3 arrives—whereas the Model S 60 would check in at $58,500 with the $7,500 tax credit. In addition to the extra cash the Model S would likely cost, the Model 3 will also have at least 215 miles of range and will feature the latest and greatest tech while the Model S 60 will go “more than 200 miles” on a charge and will have only what’s available from Tesla today.

According to a poll on Teslarati’s site, a whopping 67 percent of its readers said they’d prefer to wait for the new Model 3. I can’t say I blame them, as the range-topping Model 3 should also have an increased battery capacity, supercharger access, Autopilot, and any other new goodies that Tesla tosses at it. Of course, it would be nice to be one of the 11 percent of the site’s readers who plan to get both.

Stay tuned for updates.

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