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Honda Trolls Chevy With Pickup Bed Test

(Credit: YouTube)

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Honda Trolls Chevy With Pickup Bed Test

Honda Ridgeline bed test video capture

Honda Ridgeline bed test video capture (Credit: YouTube)

Forget steel vs. aluminum, Honda says composites are tougher. After Chevy ripped on Ford by dropping landscaping blocks into the back of a Silverado and F-150, showing the rival truck getting more banged up, Honda is now jumping into the fray.

Depending on your brand loyalties and attitude about full-size pickups, you might find the video below funny or enraging. Sure, it’s not as dramatic. Honda doesn’t get a bunch of “real” contractors to stand there and make observations about the results of the test. But Honda obviously wanted to strike while the iron was still hot.

Without the theatrics, the test doesn’t look nearly as brutal. What it does show is that the Ridgeline is surprisingly durable. The bed suffered a few scratches, far better than the Silverado’s dents. It’s not quite the result you would expect.

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