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Report: McLaren F1 Successor Is Coming

(Credit: © McLaren)

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Report: McLaren F1 Successor Is Coming

McLaren F1

McLaren F1 (Credit: © McLaren)

Word on the street is that McLaren will make an F1 successor, and yes it’ll have three seats. Unlike the P1 and even the original F1, it’ll be an incredibly fast and comfortable GT, so you could conceivably use it to go on a road trip.

Even more important is the juicy detail that the modern McLaren F1 won’t be a hybrid. Instead, it supposedly will use the brand’s twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-8, or that’s what some unnamed inside source told Autocar. Engineers are apparently working to squeeze over 700 horsepower from the engine, so that should be fun, to say the least.

As a proper successor to the F1, this unnamed McLaren will be able to break 200 mph. The F1, for those who don’t remember, can hit 243 mph and came out in 1992, so this new car will have some big shoes to fill. It should also be street legal, making it a really expensive but fun weekend toy.

Not many people will have the privilege of driving this new McLaren. Autocar’s source claims production will be limited to a mere 64 vehicles. Even if you have the sick amounts of cash it’ll no doubt take to buy one, actually getting one could be pure luck.

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