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Mazda Says Miata Won’t Get More Power

(Credit: Mazda)

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Mazda Says Miata Won’t Get More Power

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata (Credit: Mazda)

Do you think that the new Miata is underpowered and won’t sell well at all? You’re not alone, because there’s a whole line of people hurling criticism at the new roadster.

And you know what? Mazda doesn’t care.

Top Gear talked to Nobuhiro Yamamoto about the crazy hatred some people are spewing about the new Miata. He said that too many people just focus on the numbers a car puts out, instead of paying attention to the experience of driving it. After all, an automaker could load a car up with tons of horsepower and torque, but if it handles like garbage that power would pretty much be a waste (or could make the experience even worse). Yamamoto insists the new Miata is fun to drive, which is the most important thing.

That’s right, Mazda thinks that your call for a 360 horsepower Miata is ridiculous – because it is. People who are making a big stink about how “underpowered” the new model is just don’t get what the car’s really all about.

Car critics have been gushing about the 2016 Miata. They go on and on about how well-balanced the car is, what a blast it is to drive, how pure of a roadster Mazda has created, etc. Of course, all of those reviews must be part of a big conspiracy crafted by the automaker to brainwash the American public into thinking that the car has enough power, because many armchair critics feel incredibly justified in declaring how “weak” the new roadster is.

The best way to fix the underpowered 2016 Mazda Miata is to pull out that weak little four-cylinder Skyactiv engine and drop in a big ol’ V-8. Screw the perfect weight balance and handling, the Miata should nosedive like a pig every time the driver hits the brakes.

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