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Amazon To Sell Electric Car Charger For $499

(Credit: ChargePoint)

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Amazon To Sell Electric Car Charger For $499

ChargePoint Home

ChargePoint Home (Credit: ChargePoint)

Charging an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle at home is about to get a lot more affordable. ChargePoint, which is a giant in the vehicle charger industry, has announced that it will sell a home EV charger through for a mere $499. Consumers will be able to order ChargePoint Home starting the latter part of the summer.

Many vehicle owners might already be familiar with ChargePoint, thanks to their using a station at work or at a public station. The company says that the new home charger will operate the same way.

Thanks to the charger being WiFi capable and able to be networked, drivers can start stop and even schedule charging using their phone or other mobile device. The charger can connect to Nest, helping cut down on energy costs. Through the mobile app, users can see how many miles of driving range have been added during a charging session and how much electricity they’ve used.

Depending on the charger’s configuration, it can provide up to 25 miles of range per hour. That’s about six times quicker than using a 110-volt outlet. The charger measures only 11.2 by 7 inches and has a nice design, making it something that isn’t a burden to own. Electricians can hardwire it into a house or power it through a 240-volt outlet.

The $499 price point is just the jumping off point. Buyers can opt to upgrade the charger by adding more power, a longer cord, etc. The top price cap is $749, which still makes it an affordable way to recharge vehicles at home. Anyone interested in the new charging station needs to get on a waiting list by going to ChargePoint’s webpage.

Chargepoint has already released a new service that will work with apartment buildings and condo complexes to charge more than one vehicle at a time.

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