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Koenigsegg Heading to the U.S. With Three Models in 2015

(Credit: © Koenigsegg)

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Koenigsegg Heading to the U.S. With Three Models in 2015

Koenigsegg Agera R

Koenigsegg Agera R (Credit: © Koenigsegg)

American safety regulations have kept plenty of awesome cars off of our streets, including everything Koenigsegg has to offer. The super-exclusive hypercar builder has focused mainly on other markets to sell its million-dollar wares, but the brand announced in March 2014 that it will soon start selling models in America. Despite the announcement, the supercar manufacturer never told us how many cars it will sell in the States and if they will be street legal. Well, a report from Car and Driver appears to clear all of this up, and one of the models available in the U.S. will be the One:1.

While this sounds awesome, the caveat is that while the outrageously powerful One:1 will indeed be a part of the U.S.-spec Koenigsegg lineup, it will not meet federal safety regulations and therefore will only be permitted on the street for “show and display” purposes. Though the One:1 will be very limited in the U.S., Koenigsegg plans to get the Agera and one additional model up to U.S. safety standards, which include the fitment of smart airbags, so that they can be driven without restrictions on American roads.

The Agera is a car that any gearhead knows quite well. Its 960 horses and 1,100 Nm (811 pound-feet) of torque have been well publicized in the U.S., despite its unavailability on these shores. However, the other model that Koenigsegg plans to sell in the states remains a bit of a mystery.

The most recent rumors on this new Koenigsegg model point toward an entry-level supercar to take on the likes of the Lamborghini Aventador. This model will reportedly run about $650,000, according to an Autoblog report, and it will open the door for the brand to expand its sales numbers.

Speaking of sales numbers, Christian von Koenigsegg told Car and Driver that the brand hopes to expand its global sales to between 22 and 24 units per year. That  may seem like a rather low goal, but considering the brand has only sold 115 cars in its first 11 years as a full-time automaker, those are actually fairly aggressive numbers.

We can only hope that the brand makes it here and has great success, which will lead to more models and expanded safety compliance.

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