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Ariel is Set to Reveal its Nomad Off-Road Buggy on January 6

(Credit: © Ariel)

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Ariel is Set to Reveal its Nomad Off-Road Buggy on January 6

Ariel Nomad

Ariel Nomad (Credit: © Ariel)

Most gearheads know the Ariel Atom rather well. For those who don’t, its recipe is fairly simply: take a lightweight, tubular chassis, install little more that some seats, a steering wheel, pedals and gauges, and drop in a 2.0-liter Honda i-VTEC engine with 245 horsepower to create a giant killer. The things that the Ariel Atom can do are stunning when looking at the specification sheet, but on January 6, 2015, Ariel will take its company a whole new direction using the same recipe for awesomeness.

Just a few days after the calendars change to 2015, Ariel will release all of the information on its all-new Nomad. In short, the Nomad is like the Atom after the producers of Mad Max got their hands on it.

While the details are still scarce, it is easy to see that the Nomad shares much of its architecture with the Atom. It appears as if Ariel jacked up the suspension, added tons of suspension travel, tossed on some knobby tires, installed a brush bar and placed a tubular frame over the cabin to keep those “oops, we’re upside down” moments a little safer. Also included are the obligatory trail lights on the roof and a spare slab of knobby rubber mounted on the back.

Ariel Nomad

Ariel Nomad (Credit: © Ariel)

According to a report from Autoblog, the Nomad will carry a 2.4-liter Honda engine with 200 ponies and a six-speed manual transmission. Power will be routed to the rear wheels only, which may make some traditional off roaders worry about its ability to perform, but those who know dune buggies know that four-wheel drive isn’t necessary for the kind of balls-to-the-wall driving that these rigs are built for. Sure, four-wheel drive will get you out of mud or snow, but it limits the buggy’s agility, adds unnecessary weight and isn’t really needed with all the weight mostly laying over the driven axle.

On top of being an off-road monster, Ariel also claims that the Nomad will hold its own on the road. You cannot expect it to perform as well as the Atom, but it’ll be “very quick on road.”

Pricing on the Nomad is still unknown, but we should learn more once it debuts on January 6, 2015. We’ll bring you all of the details following its debut.

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