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Jaguar Wants To Read Your Brain

(Credit: Jaguar )

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Jaguar Wants To Read Your Brain

Jaguar Mind Sense

Jaguar Mind Sense (Credit: Jaguar )

Jaguar Land Rover is getting into some pretty crazy tech these days, like a windshield that projects driver aids similar to what you see in car racing video games (like dynamic guidelines). While the different features are still very much in the development phase, the thought that such equipment could be included in certain future vehicles is disconcerting for some people. Right at the top of that list is the company’s “Sixth Sense” projects, which include Mind Sense.

All there is to Mind Sense is the car monitoring your brainwaves. Jaguar says that the tech would be able to tell immediately if a driver is actually paying attention to the road, or is daydreaming about driving a more exciting vehicle while cruising down the road. The system could even supposedly detect the moment when the driver feels sleepy, which would make morning commutes truly interesting.

Crazy as it may sound, Jaguar is actually monitoring brain activity through sensors embedded in the steering wheel. Since the signals aren’t as strong as when a person wears a headband with sensors in it, the company says that additional software is necessary to increase the signal enough to make it more readable, while at the same time filtering out background noise.

The brainwave tech means that one day your car could literally read your mind, at least to a point. It’s not exactly a feature that will start popping up in cars soon, mostly because Jaguar is still deciding how well it works and if car shoppers will go for such technology in their car.

Other Sixth Sense projects include using a medical-grade sensor embedded into the seat to monitor the driver for any troubling signs. Jaguar is also working on an infotainment system that can predict where on the touchscreen you want to make a selection. It means that drivers won’t even have to get near the screen to control various functions. An experimental haptic accelerator pedal would make it harder to push when the car is already speeding, and would vibrate when a potential danger has been found.

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