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Mercedes Will Make A Production G 500 4X4²

(Credit: Mercedes)

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Mercedes Will Make A Production G 500 4X4²

Mercedes G 500 4x4sup2;

Mercedes G 500 4x4sup2; (Credit: Mercedes)

Good job, fun-loving citizens of planet Earth. Thanks to your enthusiastic response, Mercedes is actually going to put the G 500 4×4² into production!

Back in February of this year we reported on the extreme concept SUV. While it doesn’t have six wheels, unlike another version of the G-Wagon, the concept did boast an incredibly amount of competence when things get rugged, perhaps making it more practical (for lack of a better word).

The Mercedes G 500 4×4² comes with a new 4.0-liter V-8 engine that works with twin turbochargers to pound out 422 horsepower. All of that is channeled to the wheels through a permanent all-wheel-drive system.

Mercedes G 500 4x4sup2;

Mercedes G 500 4x4sup2; (Credit: Mercedes)

There have been some tough-looking SUVs made in the past that turned out to be nothing more than mall cruisers. Fortunately, this new model has retained the concept’s portal axles, which at the very least will allow it to crawl over some pretty nasty islands so owners can score a sweet parking spot near H&M.

In all seriousness, the design means the vehicle handles better on pavement, which unfortunately cannot be said of a stock Jeep. Mercedes is still sticking with its claim that when the adjustable damping is turned to Sport mode, the SUV handles like a sports car. That’s probably an exaggeration, but we’ll see soon enough.

There are some other goodies that will make the new production model great for people who like to live life off the beaten path, at least now and then. While some might frown on the permanent all-wheel-drive system, it works with three lockable differentials to maintain optimal grip in just about every situation imaginable.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Mercedes G 500 4×4², know that it’s only going to be until December before they start arriving at showrooms throughout the world. U.S. pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but Mercedes has said that it will run about 226,100 euros. At the current exchange rate, that’s just under $260,000 so anticipate over that once you get out the door.

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