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Jaguar J-Pace Could Debut in 2019

(Credit: © Jaguar)

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Jaguar J-Pace Could Debut in 2019

Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace (Credit: © Jaguar)

When Jaguar released its first SUV, the upcoming F-Pace, we were all a little taken aback, but not overly surprised. The lack of surprise is because seemingly every other luxury brand has released or is releasing an SUV, so why no Jag? With the F-Pace (teaser image above) just about set to hit showroom, it appears as if Jaguar has turned its focus toward its big brother, the J-Pace, and is shooting for a 2019 debut.

The report comes from a preview performed by the folks over at Car Magazine, who are quite astute at digging up news on European brands. While 2019 seems like quite a ways away, it is actually relatively close considering the scale at which a smaller company like Jaguar can develop a new car.

Fortunately, Jaguar can pull many of the SUV components it needs from sister company, Land Rover, who has just a bit of experience in building luxurious and capable SUVs. Its main source of said components will be the recently updated Land Rover Range Rover and its all-aluminum D7 architecture.

Being based upon the Range Rover gives us a bit of a preview of what will power the large Jag SUV. I suspect we’ll see a supercharged V-6 or V-8 engine as its two gasoline-only offerings. Beyond those, look for a plug-in hybrid to give buyers a more fuel-efficient option. There may also be hotter RS or SVR versions of the J-Pace to compete with the upper echelon of performance luxury SUVs.

For now, this report remains unconfirmed, but Jaguar is pretty good about giving us an early heads up on vehicles it will soon produce. Given the J-Pace will likely see production in 2019, we should start seeing concepts and news from Jag in the within the next two years.

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