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Fiat Chrysler Goes All-In With Star Wars Ads

(Credit: Dodge)

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Fiat Chrysler Goes All-In With Star Wars Ads

Dodge Star Wars ad

Dodge Star Wars ad (Credit: Dodge)

Nerdy guys who live in their mom’s basement aren’t the only ones who are excited for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, otherwise Disney clearly couldn’t have sold so many tickets already. Fiat Chrysler gets this simple fact, and it understands that those people probably drive cars or varying types. That’s why the company has launched several new Star Wars-themed ads.

The best one if from Jeep, and you can see it below. It shows an epic space battle from the new movie and until the very end doesn’t tie into the brand known for taking people pretty much anywhere. The final joke is great and clever, making it memorable.

The ad from Dodge is actually pretty good. A whole fleet of white Challengers, Chargers and Durangos drive in perfect rows through city streets as the Imperial March plays. A black Viper leads the group, calling to mind a powerful Sith Lord from the movies. Onlookers are dismayed, but one of the funniest details is a guy dressed kind of like Han Solo and holding a furry little dog that looks kind of like Chewbacca watching the procession with disgust.

To be honest, some of the ads are just kind of meh, but they’ll definitely thrill the kids about as much as Jar Jar. One is for Ram, which starts out like the second Star Wars trailer with that iconic John Williams score playing as a lone vehicle strafes across a desert landscape. You quickly realize it’s a pickup truck while a voice talks about an “all-powerful force in the universe.” That’s of course a Ram truck.

Chrysler plays on nostalgia, kind of, playing the beginning orchestra for all Star Wars movies over and over at key moments of a guy’s life, like seeing the first movie, getting married, buying a minivan (seriously) and taking his son to see the new movie. The message is that driving a Chrysler is like seeing Star Wars for the first time, but is anyone really going to believe that?

Fiat decided to play off the light and dark sides of the 500 Abarth. As the two little cars race toward each other, sounds of different Star Wars ships are overlayed for an effect that’s really not that exciting.

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